Are so called originals even original?

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"There is nothing that can be created but transformed"!

Auch kinda pinchy title right? Yes it is and its true!


Someone in some time said that

"There is nothing that can be created but transformed"!

Well what this line means?

To understand this we need to understand these 2 words:






According to Definitions from Oxford Languages- Creation is the process of brining something to existence . The origin of this word is Latin.     

                Latin         Latin/Old France       English                   

                   |                       |                           |                   

             Creare  =     Creatio       =       Create



Now the question you can or should ask to this statement is what is actually bringing something into existence?Amm... Are you feeling weird headed? Don't worry I'm here to help you out!Or I think we are smart enough! Anyway lets continue where we were at? Amm yes what does it really means to brining something into existence?Well it means creating something without anything! At first glance it seems "Oh whats on that? every one is doing that! every companies! "But It's not what we think!Can we really do this? Keep thinking!



On the other hand Transformation does more sense then creating. Because we all just do is transforming some ideas/objects/materials. Tree becomes wood and wood becomes furniture! According to Oxford Language Defination transformation is - "a marked change in form, nature, or appearance."So what that means? It means even my article is some sort of my own transformed version of an idea! It's original even nothing is! Even if we don't transform something intentionally but we do transform everything!


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