The new Subaru Solterra electric crossover SUV is now available

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The new Subaru Solterra takes you all the way to the adventure and safely home.

By the end of the summer, the first registered Subaru Solterra will be on the road. As a result of this eagerly anticipated addition, Subaru now offers a lineup that includes an all-electric vehicle. Subaru's first mass-produced electric vehicle is the Solterra. The Solterra is just as much of a Subaru as any other.

The car's simple design and cutting-edge driver aid technology help make it one of the safest cars on the road for passengers and pedestrians alike. Permanent four-wheel drive contributes to class-leading maneuverability, safe road properties, and genuine driving pleasure.

Thanks to the softness, roomy inside, and clever features, you can load everything from a lunchbox to a large piece of leisure gear. When you need to go anywhere or do anything, an electric SUV is ready to take you there. It's a car that ensures that you arrive home in one piece. Subaru owners have come to expect and enjoy these qualities over the years. Engineers at Solterra were told to ensure that Subaru's unique qualities would still be there in a world where electric power is becoming more critical.

The Subaru Solterra, like the Subaru XV, Forester, and Subaru Outback, is a well-known crossover vehicle. The Solterra has 21-cm ground clearance, minimal overhangs, and insensitive body elements that emanate Subaru's practicality. But on the other hand, the e-Subaru Global Platform is more or less a brand-new technology platform.

It is built on the Subaru Global Platform, the chassis backbone for all Subaru models today, but it is explicitly created for electric vehicles. So that the people inside are safe, most of the body is made of high-strength, hot-pressed steel.

When designing an electric car, precise strength calculations have resulted in a low service weight. So it doesn't matter which edition of Solterra you get, and it's just over two tons. It also has a safety cage that absorbs energy in an accident.

Subaru Solterra electric SUV

The e-Subaru Global Platform has a distinct feature: a double floor. This floor's construction shields the batteries and their electronic components from harm. So, they make the car stronger and lower the center of gravity, which makes it safer to drive.

Subaru Safety Sense, the car's advanced driver assistance system, can be thought of as an electronic co-pilot that prioritizes safety above all else. Intelligent cruise control with file centering, sign reading, and adaptive high beam are just a few of the features the system has at its disposal to free up the driver's time and energy so that he or she can concentrate on steering and scanning the road ahead. In addition, when a driver misses a potential hazard, the system will alert them.

Even in the event of an emergency, the co-pilot can act to avoid an accident by automatically braking or giving way to barriers, unprotected road users, or games. Aside from keeping the driver awake, the technology can tell when the driver is getting weary. A car's automatic emergency brake will abruptly halt if the driver cannot be roused from his or her sleep.

Subaru's holistic approach to safety includes a well-developed chassis and modern driver aid systems. A third factor is the ability to drive safely and predictably. A car with a steering wheel and pedals that communicate how the car moves and reacts to the ground is a safer car. Subaru also established in Solterra a method of thinking about safety with this philosophy.

When it comes to wheel suspensions, every detail is considered to achieve the best possible balance between ride comfort and high levels of course stability. In addition, the strengthened brakes and the steady steering device with an electric servo give a sense of immediate road contact. As a result, the Solterra is seen as a smaller and easier-to-drive vehicle than it is.

Subaru's main feature, permanent all-wheel drive, isn't just kept by having two strong engines and long drive shafts on both the right and left wheels.

The linear power development of electric motors with fast response makes them even more efficient. Moreover, in electric motors, maximal torque is available over the whole speed range.

There is always enough power to regulate driving power to the wheels that need it most, even in stationary and faultless conditions. This is because the electric motors are similarly located quite close to the wheels, in the middle of the two-wheel groups at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Compared to a standard internal combustion engine and transmission, they immediately transfer more power down to the wheels and axles. In addition, this technology's adaptive distribution of torque lets the car respond faster and more accurately to changing driving conditions.

This electric SUV has the same built-in expertise in tough conditions as Subaru's other vehicles: the XV, Forester, and Outback. When the system is turned on, it helps the driver move the car by changing how much each of the four wheels spins.

When driving on a slope with an uneven or slippery surface, the system's speed regulation capabilities come in handy. With this, the driver can focus more on selecting tracks and directing the car in the desired direction.

There is less chance of getting trapped as a result. The X-Mode includes two driving modes for different levels of rugged terrain, just like Subaru's previous models. When driving on loose ground, snow and gravel make it easier for the vehicle to keep traction.

Subaru Solterra

Snow and mud that is deep enough to prevent tires from contacting a solid surface enhance the ability to drive in more extreme conditions. For the first time, Subaru has added Grip Control to the Solterra's Hill Descent Control, which helps drivers slow down and balance the vehicle on steep downhills. The car's automatic cruise and stability control are for both flat and hilly terrain. Grip Control allows for speeds of up to 10 km per hour to be maintained steadily. As a result, the vehicle has a true four-wheel-drive that is always on.

Subaru's new Solterra electric SUV is 469 cm long and 186 cm wide. To put it in perspective, it's about the same size as a Subaru Forester. However, just from the outside, In comparison to the Subaru Outback, which has a wheelbase of 285 cm, the Solterra has a wheelbase of 285 cm! It's evident from the inside out.

The long-wheelbase has allowed for a flat floor and extensive legroom, especially in the rear seat in the passenger compartment. It has room for three people. There are two positions for adjusting the backrest on the back seat. There are shelves and sturdy storage compartments built into the floor between the front seats.

The extended wheelbase and sophisticated windscreen have big door openings on the body. Additionally, the doors are built so that their exteriors extend over the thresholds. Since dirt can't get through, the steps remain clean even after a long ride on the dirtiest gravel roads.

Intelligent load fastening systems and a luggage compartment floor that can be adjusted to two different heights have resulted in a space-saving and convenient design. The inner step up to the rear opening is no longer there when the floor is at its highest position. This creates a level loading area. As a result, up to 421 liters of luggage can be taken with you in the new Subaru Solterra electric SUV. However, if the case calls for a higher capacity or more load height, the floor can be lowered by more than seven centimeters.

When the floor is up, the privacy screen can be stowed under the road surface. There is also a 10-liter storage area under the floor, which can be used for, for example, charging wires.

A total of two electric motors are used in the new Subaru Solterra, an electric SUV. One is between the rear wheels, and the other is between the front and rear wheels. It has a combined maximum power of 160 kW thanks to the two 80 kW and 168.5 Nm engines (218 hp).

A total of 71.6 kWh can be stored in the battery stack on the ground. It's unnecessary to compromise on any of the car's usual Subaru features because the Solterra is energy-optimized right down to minor details.

Wind tunnels create the body's folds and incisions, allowing Solterra to cut through the air as efficiently as possible. As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator or slow down, the engine acts as a generator and uses the car's motion to charge the batteries.

The driver may quickly modify the amount of braking force regeneration with the use of two paddles on either side of the steering wheel. Electric motors have four levels of braking force adjustment. If the maximum amount of regeneration is turned on, the Solterra can often be driven without touching the brake pedal.

Every Solterra also comes complete with every feature imaginable for reducing overall energy consumption. For example, passenger compartment air can be heated or cooled using an energy-efficient heat pump.

A well-designed and easy-to-use multimedia system with navigation and a sophisticated trip computer is also noticeable since it aids the driver in planning the trip and making the most of every kWh. The touring version of the Solterra has a stated range of 414 kilometers, while the Solterra Limited has a range of 465 kilometers with fully charged batteries!

The Solterra, like other Subarus, comes standard with many features. For example, there are plenty of USB Type-C ports in the Subaru Solterra Limited's passenger cabin, air conditioning, an electronic tailgate, and a 12.3-inch multimedia screen with wireless smartphone integration in the entry-level model.

The Solterra Touring also has 20-inch wheels, synthetic leather upholstery, a passenger seat that can be adjusted electrically, and a driver seat that can remember its position.

Finally, Solterra is nearing its release date! It was announced in December 2020 that Subaru would build its first all-electric vehicle. The name was disclosed five months later, and the official world premiere was televised live in Japan in November 2021. In the spring, a few stores could get pre-series copies, and the first copies made for the series arrived in the Nordic region in May, with an expected release date in August.

As it has for the past 50 years, Subaru is committed to providing the best possible safety for everyone inside and outside the vehicle with Solterra. "Zero Vision" is Subaru's objective to eliminate all accidents that damage people by 2030. @via Electric Hunter.