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Having lived in the Philippines for 20 years has made me realize, increasingly, that those in the so-called west are spoiled. Now, before you say to me, “wait a minute! Isn’t that a blanket generalization, of which we are not all guilty of…?” let me show you some of the many things that we take for granted.

The average coffee drinker in the US drinks 3-4 cups a day. In Europe, many drink tea. Many like to drink their favorite beverage and eat snacks in cafes, spending an average of $9.22 a week on snacks, according to this article. This is an AVERAGE, not the MEDIAN, so the coffee drinkers and snack-eaters probably spend way more than that.

World statistics claim that Americans are givers, and they are, if you look at average and median giving, yet it is startling to realize that they would give because they are cultural givers and often not conscious givers. This is my own terminology, and I would briefly explain it like this: Americans give because it is part of who we are, yet we don't give because we really know or feel the need.

We go out to eat and spend more on food than a family may spend in a week, here in the Philippines.

I could go on, and on, and on. But I won't. I do think that we are all guilty of this is some way or other.

So why are we so s*****d? The italicized word in paragraph one. Because our culture, western culture, yes, modern culture, has trained us to satisfy our needs while ignoring other's needs.

Do you want to change that? You can start in a simple way.

Kairos Children's Fund is a small charity that encourages sponsors to engage with their sponsored child. Get to know them. We require our scholars to write letters, and even if they want to they can communicate through a proxy on Facebook or email. This means that they will write the communication to their sponsor, but the proxy will also have access to the account for reasons of safety and security.

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Rob Andrews 11 w

Hmm, I honestly think when one gets baptized in Jesus with the Holy Spirit everything changes including their 'waste'. When I was a sinner I went to bars and wasted money on alcohol. I bought $5 coffee at work because it was convenient. Now I make my own coffee and havent stepped foot in a bar since getting baptized. Ive learned its a matter of percentages (what you can afford to give based on your revenue); I think it comes from Jesus Wisdom. Instead of West Vs East I think its Sinner vs Saint.