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Let us come together in prayer Against the codification of Roe Vs Wade into the constitution; let the democrats utterly fail in their attempt to pass this codification into law in Jesus mighty name; and we pull down Roe vs Wade and trample the devils plans to kill babies in Jesus mighty name!

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Please pray for Mikes wife Connie, against the fibrosis, curse it in Jesus Name. We command healing, now in Jesus Name. Fibrosis wither up and die and go to the pit in Jesus mighty name.

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Please the blood of Jesus over Mike Pompeo (Iran is trying to have him assassinated). And over the trucking convoy, freedom fighters and remnant God is raising up to restore freedom. And over the honorable attornies.

Pray for me & my mother healing!
My throat was hurting so much this morning
Right now I also have fever( 102°F)!
My mother also suffering same (101°F)
I'm not feeling good please pray for me & my mother!

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Pray for pastor Andy from Kairos for his confirmation and vision to be revealed:
Discussing building a Christian youth center with practical skills.


This group is dedicated to praying for those who need prayer for anything including but not limited to: Health Issues (infirmities, diseases, pain, afflictions, viruses, infections, accidents etc), Financial issues (job/housing/stability), Depression, Mental Anguish, Torment, Deliverance, Generational Curses, Geopolitical, Global, Plagues, Spiritual obedience, Wisdom, and more.

Please post the prayer request and the name of the individual, and be sure to check back here occasionally so you can close out the prayer once the person is h