I need you prayer support!
Next year I'm going back to seminary I need to raise my tuition and logistics fees by November! I need some serious prayer support! Keep me in your daily prayer!

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Pakistan needs desperate prayer - FLOODING


Affecting millions.



More than 1,000 people have died in the floods as authorities struggle to provide relief to flood victims.
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1. Pray for BB and her family for BB’s continuous healing and complete restoration in her Ribs, Pelvis, and Leg, and Her Husband to pass his driving test so they can get jobs and a car.
2. Pray for our Efforts in Cuba to see a mighty revival and equipping of the 1200 young people anxiously waiting there.
3. Pray for full provision for the events in Cuba, Egypt, and Kuwait.
4. Pray for Robby Dawkins, his family, his team, and their families against warfare.

I'm glad that you prayer warriors prayed for my grandma! Plz keep praying for her now she can move or talk... Always moaning....
Can eat solid foods she need to fed liquids!
She doesn't have any physical strength! Pray for my mom also she is taking care of her and she gets 3hours to nearly no sleep ....

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Please pray for HFOC, a female orphan, afflicted with Malaria and Typhoid, and in need of medical care funds. Pray for Kenya, for a peaceful transition of power. And for rich blessings for Pastor Oendo and those in need in Kenya.


This group is dedicated to praying for those who need prayer for anything including but not limited to: Health Issues (infirmities, diseases, pain, afflictions, viruses, infections, accidents etc), Financial issues (job/housing/stability), Depression, Mental Anguish, Torment, Deliverance, Generational Curses, Geopolitical, Global, Plagues, Spiritual obedience, Wisdom, and more.

Please post the prayer request and the name of the individual, and be sure to check back here occasionally so you can close out the prayer once the person is h